Monday, December 8, 2008


Izza me, Antonio!

My veddy firza day in New Yorka New York Signorina Speetfire she giffa me job to be helping inna... cóme se dice? Offees? Jes, Offees. I amma smiling to think about thatta day still. Eveddy seence Signorina Speetfire sheeza teaching me how to say wardsa better in English. Leetle beet by a leetle beet I amma getting gooder.

Summa tings I do forra Signorina Speetfire I opena letters she get inna mail. People send herra letters summa times witha books inside and she sellsa dem to odder people. She getta lotta letters inna mail anna summa times she ask me to carry bigga box of letters back anna forth arounda her offees. She say it releef herra stress.

Oops! Signorina Speetfire sheeza calling me now. She say, "Antonio I droppa my pen. Can you pleasa peekit up? No no Antonio take jor shirt offa firz please."

She worka me hard!